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5 tips to get more likes and followers on Instagram, according to experts

There’s not anything worse than posting what you assume is a brilliant picture on Instagram, just for a few likes to trickle in.

Thankfully, there are a number of tactics to spice up the selection of likes, in addition to followers, on your Instagram.

Researchers from Quintly have analysed 44,432 Instagram Business profiles and over eight.nine million posts this 12 months to perceive why some posts draw in more likes.

Based on their findings, the researchers have put in combination 5 journeys to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

1. Upload more movies

The research published that whilst pictures are the most typical submit kind, movies in fact get probably the most interactions.

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Single pictures had been the worst choice, and carousels of pictures had 2.2% more interactions.

But movies trumped each unmarried pictures and carousels, attracting 21.2% more interactions.

2. Limit captions to 1-50 characters

Quintly stated: “Instagram is all about surfing, getting visible inspiration and fast leisure, it kind of feels.

“So it comes as a wonder that 31% of general Instagram posts have more than 300 characters of their submit description.”

Despite this pattern, the researchers discovered that posts with captions of 1-50 characters had probably the most interactions.

Three. Include 1-Three emojis for your captions

The research published that 54.nine% of profiles don’t use emojis in any respect.

Unfortunately, it kind of feels that this leads to fewer interactions – captions with 1-Three emojis were given probably the most likes.

Captions with 1-Three emojis get probably the most likes
(Image: Google)

four. Ditch the hashtags

While you can be tempted to upload hashtags to your caption, Quintly means that this might not be a sensible concept.

Quintly stated: “Interestingly, maximum profiles used 1-Three hashtags however they tended to get more interactions after they didn’t use all of them.

“The most effective exception is the profile crew with over 10 million followers; their posts with more than 10 hashtags in them tended to get more interactions.”

5. Post on weekends

Finally, the researchers discovered that posting on weekends relatively than on weekdays allow you to to spice up likes.

Their research published that posts made on the weekend can reel in up to 22.29% more likes than the ones on weekdays.


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