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A game trailer pro created a Battlefield short film with footage from multiplayer matches

The Battlefields – specifically the closing two – are great-looking video games, and the parents at DICE understand how to chop a sizzling trailer. But what when you had been to make a trailer made up completely of clips captured right through precise, unscripted gameplay?

That’s the problem that Gage Allen set out for himself. Allen is a skilled videogame trailer manufacturer, and he’s used to running with promotional footage to position in combination movies for video games like Stellaris, Conarium, and Starpoint Gemini.

Allen took utterly unscripted gameplay footage from multiplayer matches of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V over the past two months and minimize them in combination into the stirring trailer you’ll be able to watch under. While characters nonetheless have that too-fast motion you at all times see in multiplayer, the shot variety, modifying, voiceover paintings, and composition are all rather well accomplished, and greater than anything else they exhibit the superb degree of element and grand scale of Battlefield’s multiplayer maps.

The film additionally displays off the type of destruction you’ll be able to to find in trendy Battlefield video games, with constructions lowered to burning rubble earlier than your eyes, and airships crashing to earth in flames. Allen juxtaposes pictures from the verdant fields of Arras, France with the utter devastation at Verdun, highlighting the damaging nature of conflict and the associated fee that comes with it.

Here’s the film, titled “This Is Battlefield.” Allen recommends staring at it at 4K for absolute best effects.

Also of word: the voiceover is carried out by way of U.S. Air Force veteran Ty Hooper, who served from 1987-1997.

“I was also in a really emotional state when it came to both world wars, and the horrific events that took place,” Allen writes within the video description. “The pain I was feeling was strong and I Wanted to make that into something. This is the result.”

It’s now not the type of factor that makes you need to leap off the settee and get started enjoying Battlefield – it’s too despair and reverent to paintings as a piece of videogames promoting. But it’s indubitably a gorgeous and stirring film, and a reminder of the way visually spectacular the ones video games are.

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