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It’s not the tool — it’s how you use it

It’s a few years in the past, in the days when a top-of-the-line IBM Selectric digital typewriter is each and every secretary’s dream to have — and this senior secretary is getting one, says an IT pilot fish operating there.

“To say the least, she loved it,” fish says. “She additionally lorded it over the different secretaries that did not have one.

“So sooner or later, any person put a kind of Christmas gentle interrupters on the Selectric’s energy twine. The senior secretary would sort a couple of phrases, then the Selectric would die. Then revive. Then die.

“An IBM repairman was once dragged out to our website online to mend the drawback. He concept it was once lovely humorous — and nonetheless charged for the name.

“But I did be informed from him a super method for ‘solving’ technical issues.

“The repairman would get calls from individuals who had simply switched from a handbook typewriter to a Selectric and would whinge that ‘one thing’s not proper with the typewriter.’

“When he would get to the person, he’d pull out an excessively fancy tool case. Then he’d open the case and pull out a 12-inch, gold-plated screwdriver.

“He’d insert the blade finish of the screwdriver into the key space of the typewriter, position his ear towards the take care of and provides the screwdriver 1 / 4 flip.

“And that at all times ‘mounted’ the drawback.”

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