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Alexis Kennedy might be making a game about an evil library

Eldritch horrors and monsters who reside within the concepts contained in arcane texts were Alexis Kennedy’s consistent partners for years now – he’s the author at the back of the likes of Sunless Sea, Fallen London, and maximum lately, Cultist Simulator. Now a passing whimsy of his has congealed into some more or less entity – a new game, midwifed with the assistance of the modern day Necronomicon, which the general public at the moment know as Twitter.

While operating on an replace for Cultist Simulator that can upload a punishing New Game Plus mode, Kennedy took to Twitter to proportion a passing concept he’d had – a extra comfy Cultist Simulator enjoy, the place as an alternative of being continuously menaced with annihilation by means of dream demons or inquisitors, you’re as an alternative put in command of an occult library, and your activity is to report the establishment’s number of forbidden wisdom such that it’s simply out there to buyers.

Kennedy made the error of (cautiously) committing to the speculation when his preliminary tweet met with a sure reaction.

“OK, if this reaches 1,000 RTs I can attempt to persuade [Weather Factory co-founder Lottie Bevan] to allow us to make this,” he tweeted.

The tweet certainly reached 1,000 retweets, and so Kennedy posted an replace to the Weather Factory’s web page, explaining what his plans for the undertaking are. The unnamed occult library game remains to be in the concept that segment, and Weather Factory has different tasks within the pipeline, however Kennedy tells me it’s beautiful most likely at this level – they’ve simply started working out the main points first.

And it’s a if truth be told neat thought: You take Cultist Simulator’s perception of creating a new Lovecraftian fiction out of randomized game components, however as an alternative of drawing playing cards, you might be pulling tomes and grimoires off of dusty cabinets, regularly piecing in combination a narrative with each and every choice you’re making.

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I’m imagining some mixture of Kennedy’s previous writing in one thing that might be a bit like Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please mixed with The Rusty Quill’s Magnus Archives podcast, which is a collection of spooky, intertwined tales as informed by means of the top archivist of an occult analysis institute.

Of route, it’ll possibly be one thing else completely.

“Lottie and I are going to sit down and look seriously at how we could make this work,” Kennedy wrote. “It’s not out of the question that you might see a Kickstarter this year.”

To keep up to the moment at the undertaking, you’ll subscribe to the Weather Factory’s mailing record – and there’s a handy hyperlink only for that objective in Kennedy’s weblog put up.

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