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New video games: The Stillness of the Wind is a story of lifestyles, loss, and goats

Games are, extra regularly than now not, escapist energy fantasies about taking over a superhuman position and doing issues that may be not possible in some other context. That makes The Stillness of the Wind all the extra putting. It’s a recreation that progressively takes away your possible choices, inexorably main you in your personal ultimate breath.

In The Stillness of the Wind, you play as Talma, who has a tendency to her goats and her lawn on a far flung patch of land. She’s residing thru her ultimate days as she all the time has, as a subsistence farmer residing off the plants she will lift and the cheese she makes from her goats’ milk. It’s the finish of the international.

Developer Memory of God says The Stillness of the Wind starts with a sort of sandbox-like freedom, the place you’re given the talent to discover the recreation’s international and its methods alternatively you favor. But as time strikes ever ahead, Talma begins receiving increasingly more scary letters from her buddies and circle of relatives who’ve moved clear of her village to are living in the giant town.

The trailer underneath supplies a glimpse at The Stillness of the Wind’s stark however captivating attractiveness. Plus, there’s goats. Goats are nice.

As the international round Talma darkens, you’ll determine day by day routines – feeding the goats, milking, cheese-making, and buying and selling for items from a touring service provider. He’s the one that brings you information from afar.

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Memory of God’s Coyan Cardenas says The Stillness of the Wind’s major subject matters are “nostalgia, a sense of loss, and home,” and that he hopes avid gamers really feel a “golden memories” sort of nostalgia whilst enjoying.
“For me, The Stillness of the Wind is about developing a more connected sense of ourselves,” he stated.

The Stillness of the Wind is out now for PC on Steam and itch.io. It’s additionally to be had on the App Store for iOS gadgets, and on the Nintendo Switch. It’s one to take a look at if you want a quiet damage from the extra action-driven, demanding tempo of maximum giant video games now. Every so regularly, it’s great to have some considerate, depression meditation.

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