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EXCLUSIVE: This Is How Long Michael Fassbender Had to Train to Fight Himself in ‘Alien: Covenant’

If you’ve got but to see Alien: Covenant, we’re wading into gentle spoiler territory telling you that Michael Fassbender now not most effective stars in the movie, but additionally co-stars with himself. He performs two other androids, named David and Walter, they usually in the long run do now not get alongside.

“The fight stuff was a bit tricky,” Fassbender explains in this featurette from Alien: Covenant‘s Blu-ray and DVD liberate, debuting right here on ET. “Just learning both sides was a little bit of a head wrecker. But we got there in the end.”

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As for the specifics of ways Fassbender filmed the sequences that required him to battle himself, the clip supplies a behind-the-scenes glance of him on set with director Ridley Scott and in addition unearths how lengthy it took Fassbender to teach forward of capturing.

“Michael Fassbender spent weeks, hours on end, rehearsing,” stunt coordinator Kyle Gardiner explains. “And it shows, because he’s in both sides of the fight…To do one side and then the other [with] such an intricate choreography is super impressive.”

Regrettably, the featurette does now not proceed on to display Fassbender filming the scene the place he kisses himself, but if ET sat down with him and Scott forward of the movie’s liberate, the actor printed, “I was actually kissing a guy called Tom O’Sullivan, who was my double…Very close.”

Alien: Covenant
arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 15 and is to be had digitally now.

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