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Streamer’s five-game, no-hit ‘Soulsborne’ run foiled by Demon’s Souls tutorial boss

Twitch streamer The Happy Hob has been making an attempt a feat he calls The God Run: a back-to-back playthrough of FromSoftware’s 4 Souls video games and Bloodborne with out taking a unmarried hit in any of them. Under his self-imposed regulations, if he does take successful, he begins the entire five-game run all over again from scratch. The Happy Hob got here nearer than ever to attaining that function lately, however his streak used to be ruined by an surprising challenger — Demon’s Souls’ tutorial boss.

The Happy Hob used to be neatly on his method to attaining The God Run. He’d finished Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls three — in that order — with out being hit by a unmarried enemy. But after about 12 hours of streaming the ones video games, it took not up to 5 mins for the 5th sport on The God Run listing, Demon’s Souls, to smash The Happy Hob’s day.

It used to be Vanguard, the boss of Demon’s Souls’ tutorial that used to be The God Run’s undoing. Now, Vanguard surely isn’t the hardest boss in FromSoftware’s video games. Far from it. It’s a slow-moving demon with just a few assaults, however the rubble that rains down as Vanguard swings its ax can also be unpredictable. (Vanguard may be an absolutely not obligatory boss, but it surely places The Happy Hob’s God Run general boss depend at 69, a humorous quantity.) Vanguard is meant to be difficult to new gamers, however can also be dispatched somewhat simply by the likes of The Happy Hob.

Anyway, right here’s The Happy Hob’s response to observing a dozen hours of near-perfect “Soulsborne” play pass down the drain and knowing that he’d have to begin the entire run all over again (Note: You might need to flip your quantity down slightly):

To his credit score, he briefly restarted the five-game, no-hit run over and burned all through Bloodborne in only a couple hours. He additionally shifted his play order, hanging Demon’s Souls 2d, the place he handily beat Vanguard after which … died to a low-level undead soldier a couple of mins later. The Happy Hob is lately within the technique of but some other God Run try, which he’s restarting with Demon’s Souls as the primary of his five-game, no-hit run. (He’s experimented with a lot of play orders, together with making an attempt The God Run so as of free up.)

Beating Dark Souls video games with out getting hit has been The Happy Hob’s house of experience for a couple of years now. Back in 2016, when he used to be going by The Happy Hobbit, he beat the unique Dark Souls with out taking a unmarried hit. He then took at the problem of thrashing all of the Dark Souls trilogy with out being hit, a feat he overcame in March 2018 in a 10-hour, back-to-back sport run.

The Happy Hob has since accomplished no-hit runs in Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls, all of which has resulted in his five-game God Run try. You can compensate for his months-long makes an attempt at The God Run by the use of his Twitch video archive.

The masochistic Twitch streamer has slightly over a month to in any case whole The God Run earlier than FromSoftware’s subsequent sport, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, involves PlayStation four, Windows PC, and Xbox One.


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