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A streamer’s zero-damage run through every Soulsborne game was ended by a brick

A Soulslike ‘God Run’ is somewhat a masochistic feat. Beating any one in all FromInstrument’s titles is one thing of a trial, and doing so with out demise is every other activity altogether. One streamer, on the other hand, is operating on one thing much more scary – taking part in through all 5 video games with out taking a unmarried hit.

TheHappyHob was doing beautiful smartly in his newest try on the God Run. He’d breezed through all 3 Dark Souls video games, in addition to Bloodborne. From there, his 5th and ultimate problem was Demon’s Souls, the predecessor to the remainder of the collection. Sadly, on the other hand, issues went very mistaken, in no time.

The educational boss in Demon’s Souls is known as Vanguard. It’s a slow-moving creature, no longer dissimilar in stature (or complexity) to Dark Souls’ personal educational boss, the Asylum Demon. Vanguard is in reality an not obligatory boss, however TheHappyHob determined he sought after to take it on as a way to make sure that his ultimate boss overall could be 69. Unfortunately, that call would temporarily end up to be the streamer’s undoing after hours of untouchable play.

As you’ll be able to see within the Twitch clip embedded underneath, one in all Vanguard’s assaults sees rubble rain from the roof above him in a reasonably unpredictable way, and it’s a type of bricks that proves to be the streamer’s downfall. Fair caution – there’s some beautiful loud yelling after that occurs.

Not to be deterred, TheHappyHob began the entire thing once more, this time switching up the order. After coping with Bloodborne in a subject of hours, he dispatched Vanguard somewhat simply, earlier than demise to an undead soldier a short time later.

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The streamer has been operating on mastering the Soulsborne collection for a number of years, his maximum spectacular effort up to now being a God Run of all of the Dark Souls trilogy. Whether he’ll be including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to his checklist after it releases is still observed, however a larger worry (in my view no less than) is what we’re going to name the collective after that. I’d like to begin off by suggesting Soulsborno, however early center of attention teams within the PCGN workplace have proved averse to my new identify.


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