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Apex Legends players hunt Nessies

Players who’ve been parachuting into free-to-play combat royale Apex Legends (Apelegs? Have we dedicated come what may on Apelegs but?) have came across one thing lovable – a small plushie model of Nessie, putting out within the water close to Cascades.

Nessie could also be hiding extra secrets and techniques despite the fact that, the devs have teased, resulting in an absolutely fledged manhunt for the elusive cryptids.

There are many of those toys, which additionally made an look within the Titanfall video games, scattered throughout the coaching stage. However, it kind of feels like the primary particular person to (publicly) discover a Nessy within the are living battleground, King’s Canyon, used to be YouTuber Somewhat Awesome Games, who displays off its location on this video (from which I additionally took the header symbol for this publish):

Later, a Reddit person known as KFranssens10 requested “What does ‘A Nessy Appears’ mean in the kill feed??” Sure sufficient, players were noticing the message in between the circulation of who killed whom, it seems that for the reason that sport introduced.

The wrongdoer that reasons the message seems to be capturing the toys. Who would do one of these factor, I don’t know, however other people were spurred on in additional plushie violence by means of cryptic (no pun meant) posts by means of the builders. Community supervisor Jay Frechette wrote “Let’s just say someone is on to something…” and affiliate manufacturer Josh Medina adopted up with: “How long till someone figures it out? Imma say I have faith in the community and say they get it in a week.”

So a long way, a derivative subreddit known as “nessysecrets” has documented a 2d Nessy, which seems in Skulltown after the primary one is destroyed. Speculation in keeping with an alleged datamine has it that there can be ten in overall, which can wish to be picked off separately to ensure that…one thing to occur. What that one thing is is someone’s wager.

It’s early days, however on the other hand, the sport most effective got here out every week in the past. If this is a part of a tease for brand spanking new content material, it’ll most certainly repay when the primary season starts in March. How lengthy it’ll take for the Nessies to be offered as lovely products à l. a. Overwatch’s pachimari is any other query.


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