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Fallout 4’s Father Companion mod lets you cure cancer and change the ending

Fallout four introduced in 2015, which I believe way the statute of barriers on spoilers is up. Just in case, it is a tale a couple of Fallout four mod which adjustments the ending and the final destiny of the most important NPC in the recreation. The major quest sees you going looking for your lacking son, Shaun, and the Father Companion mod provides a bunch of latest tactics to change his destiny.

You sooner or later to find Shaun as the Father at the head of the mysterious Institute, and in the vanilla recreation his tale ends as he succumbs to a complicated type of cancer. Father Companion lets you cure that cancer – both in a simple means or through turning your son into a perfect mutant – and as the identify suggests it additionally lets in you to commute with Father after the ending performs out.

The mod, to be had on the Nexus, has been round for a number of months, however it simply were given a significant new patch which provides new ending cinematics, further ending choices, new rewards, and new reactions from the remainder of your travelling partners.

With this replace’s liberate, modder ToroMontana says that this is kind of “the final version of the mod.” So now’s a good time to leap in.

You can get a style of what to anticipate from the trailer above.

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It seems that each one it takes to overcome dying and illness is a devoted modder, and a willingness to take pleasure in experimental science-fiction era. Who knew?

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