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Overwatch gets nine swell action figures — including a huge Reinhardt — from Hasbro

Fresh off the day past’s Fortnite toy disclose, Hasbro lately introduced a fair better line of Overwatch action figures, plus different toys coming this 12 months.

The figurine collection comes to nine of Overwatch’s solid, amongst them a couple of two-packs of comparable characters and a giant-size absolutely poseable Reinhardt with a hujungus Barrier Field.

GameStop is providing all of those toys for preorder at this time. (They’re related within the descriptions.) Here’s the lowdown:

• Solo collectible figurines are $19.99 and all are six inches tall. The characters launching in Spring 2019 are Lucio, Sombra, Tracer and Reaper in his Blackwatch Reyes shape.

• The two-packs are $39.99 and pair off Phara with Mercy and Soldier 76 with Ana.

• Reinhardt is similar scale at six inches tall, however as a result of he’s so, erm, broad he gets his personal $49.99 SKU. He comes with a Barrier Field and Rocket Hammer.

All the action figures are anticipated in Spring 2019.

Other toys coming this spring come with 3 Microshots mini-dart blasters ($nine.99 every) in line with Lucio, Mei and Roadhog’s tools and an Overwatch collector’s version of Monopoly ($49.99).

Then, this autumn, Hasbro is providing an collection of $19.99 mask (including Genji and Tracer) simply in time for Halloween.

Hasbro says the whole lot might be “available at most major toy retailers nationwide.”


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