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At Doomed Flight’s Helm, Pilots May Have Been Overwhelmed in Seconds

“They are pilots,” he mentioned. “They are professional.”

Mr. Sirait additionally mentioned that he had no details about what can have led to the Flight 610 crash. “I am not an engineer,” he mentioned.

Many aviation professionals are skeptical of the corporate. “Lion’s corporate culture is against safety,” mentioned Mr. Lie, the ombudsman. “If they can fly the plane, they will, rather than ground it and figure out what the problem is.”

During the 2 days sooner than Flight 610 started its ultimate adventure, there have been repeated indications that pilots had been being fed erroneous knowledge — in all probability from tools measuring the velocity and a key attitude of the aircraft — that might have compromised their talent to fly safely.

Engineers attempted to deal with the problem in no less than 3 airports, Indonesian investigators mentioned.

After the aircraft’s penultimate flight, as an example, technicians recorded in a upkeep log that they’d fastened the pitot tubes, exterior probes at the aircraft that measure relative airspeed. Earlier that day, at the hotel island of Bali, engineers swapped out a sensor that measures the perspective at which oncoming wind crosses the aircraft.

Called the perspective of assault sensor, this device tells the pilot if the nostril of the aircraft is just too top, which might motive the airplane to stall. In the Max eight, if the information signifies the nostril is just too top, the airplane’s programs will mechanically pull the nostril down.

If the sensor knowledge is incorrect, the device may just motive the aircraft to dive.

It isn’t but positive if the airspeed sensors and attitude of assault sensors malfunctioned at the ultimate flight, or if the computer systems that procedure the guidelines coming from the censors malfunctioned.

It is best with additional research of knowledge at the aircraft’s so-called black bins, of which just one has been discovered, that the motive might be made up our minds.


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