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Opinion | Facebook Sells Data to Advertisers

In contemporary weeks, Facebook faced but every other privateness scandal, in mild of leaked court docket paperwork suggesting that its team of workers mentioned the theory of marketing person information as way back as 2012. Facebook’s director of developer platforms and techniques, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, replied, “To be transparent, Facebook hasn’t …

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Opinion | ‘His Dirty Deeds’

There were some darkish days in America in fresh months, days when its astonished voters have had reason why to wonder if its establishments or even its beliefs — the Congress, the electoral procedure, the perception that honesty issues — had change into too brittle to resist what may look …

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Documenting the Disappearing Glaciers of Iceland

Most other folks dream of flying, so it’s handiest herbal to be jealous of Ragnar Axelsson — a photographer often referred to as RAX — as he automatically flies his airplane over the enormous, majestic and shrinking glaciers in his house nation, Iceland. “It’s like being on a different planet,” …

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