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FDA to ban flavored e-cigarette sales in convenience stores

Back in September, the FDA gave e-cigarette makers 60 days to end up they are not concentrated on minors. But it sounds just like the company has made up our minds to take take more potent measures towards the sales of e-cigs to underage shoppers. The restriction will best duvet pod-based merchandise and now not open-tank methods bought in vape stores. Further, it’ll now not observe to menthol-flavored pods, as a result of menthol is allowed in common cigarettes, even though. The FDA does not need to give actual cigarettes an edge over their battery-powered possible choices, since that might push grownup people who smoke to return to actual ones.

In addition to the sales restriction, the Post says FDA will even require on-line stores to ask their shoppers to test their age. And in case the ones measures fail to reason a decline in use amongst minors, the FDA is reportedly making plans to impose much more restrictions in the longer term.


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