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‘Florida’s Being Florida’: Senate Race May Be Heading to, What Else? A Recount.

“A man who happens to be a very smart person, Ron DeSantis, was running, and people didn’t give him a chance,” Mr. Trump instructed newshounds on Wednesday. “We did some great work,” Mr. Trump mentioned. Then he moved directly to the incumbent Republican governor’s bid for the Senate. “Rick Scott won, and I helped him.”

Winning each seats was once the most important for the president: It confirmed that Florida stays Trump nation, a stubbornly tough state for Democrats to recapture. For all of the inroads the birthday party makes, boosting turnout to 57 % in city Miami-Dade and Broward counties, for instance, it continues to get trounced in conservative Gulf Coast retiree havens. In Sumter County, house to The Villages retirement group, turnout reached a whopping 78 %.

“For 20 years, the Republican apparatus in the state of Florida — if not the candidates themselves — have outperformed the state Democratic operation,” mentioned former Representative David Jolly, a Republican who voted for Mr. Gillum.

Steve Schale, a Democratic strategist, mentioned Florida’s election results have gave the impression abnormal earlier than — no less than to outsiders. In 2004, citizens authorized a minimum-wage hike in the similar election that they voted to elect George W. Bush. In 2008, they banned same-sex marriage, and in addition elected Barack Obama.

But it’s no longer as contradictory as some may suppose to start with look, in Mr. Schale’s view.

“You’ve got intractable partisan politics,” he mentioned, “however on the similar time, there’s a extensive consensus on numerous issues at this time: People normally consider in the next minimal salary. They normally consider in some type of get entry to to well being care. We’re a rustic that believes in 2nd probabilities.

“We view the sector on this very binary selection, as a result of that’s how our politics is, however for on a regular basis Americans, I believe it’s no longer that easy,” he mentioned.

Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, the retiring congresswoman, mentioned the prime turnout on either side steered a silver lining: “a healthy democracy,” she mentioned.

“I’m really excited that we actually have a recount in the Senate race,” she mentioned, regardless that she conceded she was once expressing an unpopular opinion. “Florida has to stick out and be eccentric. We proved our mettle.”


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