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Lush Plastic-Free Collection Launches | Glamour UK

Wandering round Lush simply were given even higher. Your moral sense can now be as blank as you might be after an hour with a tub bomb following the release of a plastic-free line.

The corporate has stated the environmental issues that include single-use plastic on their website online the place they have got taken to selling cutting edge packaging-free choices.

They are calling it their ‘Naked Revolution’ and you’ll believe us very a lot on board. It simply manner the similar nice merchandise minus the plastic wrapping. So, for instance, as a substitute of a bottle of bathe gel, Lush are urging shoppers to go for a bubble bar as a substitute.

Opting for a bubble bar over a plastic bottle of bathe gel any further may save just about 1.five million plastic bottles being produced. Similarly, choosing a shampoo bar may appear a little bit bizarre in the beginning however being used to it might come up with 3 times as many washes as a bottle.

Solid merchandise also are much more likely to be self-preserving so containing much less preservatives and nasties – that means they’re even higher to your pores and skin. Win, win. Lush declare that any of your favorite merchandise will now be to be had as cast choices.

Lush mentioned that during 2017, 780,959 ‘naked’ merchandise have been purchased, that means that almost 800,000 items of packaging have been by no means produced. And this yr, they’re aiming for a fair larger aid.

Lush co-founder, Mark Constantine, mentioned: “Packaging is rubbish and for too long we had to suffer excessive amounts of it. Now that the true financial and environmental costs are becoming obvious, customers are challenging manufacturer and retailers to cut the wrap.”

Online orders also are going plastic loose and packaging has swapped over to strictly cardboard with merchandise nestled in a polystyrene choice fabricated from potato starch referred to as Eco Flo which is absolutely biodegradable.

Game changer, a lot? Consider us very a lot bare revolutionists.

Want to kickstart your plastic-free marketing campaign? Scroll down for our select of the most efficient shampoo bars…


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