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Netgear’s first WiFi 6 routers look like stealth fighters

There’s extra than simply WiFi efficiency to gloat about. Each has more than one gigabit Ethernet ports (5 at the AX12, six at the AX8) and a 5Gbps Ethernet port on your web hyperlink. You too can keep an eye on your community via your voice the use of Alexa or Google Assistant, or plug in two USB three.zero units. The primary distinction boils right down to the choice of simultaneous information streams. The AX8 can deal with 8 at a time, whilst the AX12 unsurprisingly boosts that quantity to 12 for other folks with many energetic WiFi units.

If they sound like they will be pricey… you have guessed appropriately. The AX8 will price $400 and, in accordance to Amazon, must be launched on December 21st. The AX12 does not have pricing but, however must arrive within the first quarter of 2019 and might be a part of a beta “Wi-Fi as a Service” program that allows you to pay for the tool 90 days after you get it. Either approach, this is not a trivial acquire. You’re purchasing it since you both have a major want for bandwidth (say, more than one 4K streams) or insist on a router that might be nearly futureproof.


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