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Opinion | American Jews Know How This Story Goes

In the years that adopted, the web all of sudden allowed somebody to mention no matter he sought after, rewarding essentially the most outrageous from each and every political stripe. Soon, feedback sections become an open sewer, flowing with centuries-old rubbish — and as social media exploded, the ones feedback scaled as much as the open vitriol of the previous few years. To younger Jews this felt complicated. To previous Jews it will have to have felt acquainted, a reminiscence handed down and repeated within the holy books.

When Ms. Mallinger was once 97, she and 10 different Jews had been murdered of their synagogue. There are phrases for this too, a Hebrew word for two,500 years’ value of other people murdered for being Jews: kiddush hashem, loss of life in sanctification of God’s identify.

My youngsters had been proper: This tale is previous, with some distance too many phrases. Yet they had been fallacious about something. In the previous tales, the ones out of doors the neighborhood infrequently helped or cared; our ancestors’ comfort got here handiest from one any other and from God. But on this horrific week, possibly our previous phrases would possibly imply one thing new.

When they go back to synagogue, mourners shall be greeted with extra historical phrases: “May God comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.” In that verse, the phrase used for God is hamakom — actually, “the place.” May where convenience you.

May the folks on this position convenience you: the primary responders who rushed for your rescue, the neighbors who crushed evil with kindness, the Americans of each and every background who encourage extra optimism than Jewish historical past lets in. May this nation convenience you, with its limitless promise. As George Washington vowed in his 1790 letter to a Rhode Island synagogue, America will be a spot the place “every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.” Those phrases aren’t his. They’re from the Hebrew prophet Micah, at the cabinets of each and every synagogue on the earth.

This week in synagogue as all the time, we learn from the scroll we name the Tree of Life, and where will convenience us. As we put the e-book away, we repeat the phrases from Lamentations: “Renew our days as of old.”

Dara Horn is the writer of 5 novels, maximum lately “Eternal Life.”

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  1. “In that verse, the phrase used for God is hamakom” A fairly uninformed analysis, this. The whole sentence not a “verse” in any Jewish text nor commentary. “Hamakom” is frequently used as a synonym for “God” in many, many Jewish expressions to respectfully avoid using any more specific text name in vain. The concept behind using “hamakom/ the place” is only a very specific reference to the omnipresence of God

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