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Review: Lisbeth Salander Awkwardly Springs into Action in The Girl in the Spider’s Web

So much has modified since we final noticed Lisbeth Salander. For something, she seems to be much more like Claire Foy than she used to. (Remember when she appeared like Noomi Rapace?) Beyond the floor stuff, she additionally turns out to have picked up some new abilities and tips, turning her from avenging-angel hacker to . . . savior of humanity?

That’s the bounce made through The Girl in the Spider’s Web, a sequel to 2011’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that amps up the personality created through the overdue Stieg Larsson—a daring pivot made in the hopes of re-energizing a franchise. It’s a sexy sharp flip. Larsson’s signature introduction, punk-haired and pierced Stockholmer Lisbeth, continues to be an delinquent hacker-investigator who speeds round the town on a noisy motorcycle placing dangerous males in their position. But she’s additionally were given an rental rigged with a panic room, a secure space outdoor the town, and weapons. She’s turn into a undercover agent, in a way, and Spider’s Web puffs itself as much as accommodate the improve.

Except, is it actually an improve? Lisbeth loses somewhat of her individuality in her conversion to motion celebrity, turning into a extra generic butt-kicker with plainer motivations. The movie is customized from a ebook written through David Lagercrantz, who was once selected to hold on the adventures of Lisbeth through the Larsson property. It’s the sloppy more or less company pastiche, doing cursory homage to what labored in the unique after which gunking all of it up with witless embellishment.

Maybe Sony noticed the Scandi noir growth waning and concept it absolute best to shift Lisbeth into a brand new, extra dependable style. They employed director Fede Álvarez to do the process, most likely inspired together with his paintings in some other style, horror. There’s somewhat of gothic creep in the latter half of of Spider’s Web, which reveals Lisbeth reckoning together with her previous whilst seeking to protected a MacGuffin that would result in nuclear warfare if in the mistaken palms. (Yes, Lisbeth Salander is now staving off nuclear holocausts.) I’d be into the first half of of the equation if it wasn’t knotted up with, and perplexed through, the latter section—or vice versa. Álvarez is stymied through the tale’s dueling impulses; the techno mystery and the twisted circle of relatives drama are awkwardly fused so every aspect will get quick shrift.

Spider’s Web isn’t a dangerous film, actually. It simply overshoots and under-delivers. Álvarez levels a couple of sequences that rattle, specifically a bruising battle in a rest room that strikes the movie to its subsequent beat in foolish and gnarly model. The climactic showdown between Lisbeth and the movie’s primary, mysterious antagonizer manages a second or two of authentic pathos, glimpses of a deeper or even darker film that will have been—if all concerned had now not been so curious about turning Lisbeth into a superhuman Ethan Hunt/James Bond/Jason Bourne–kind.

That emotional scene succeeds in really extensive section on account of Foy, who right here pinches her plummy accessory into one thing Scand-ish and hardens her gaze into stone. She’s a fascinating performer to observe, each assured and curious, a prodigious pupil moderately however totally checking out new issues. Spider’s Web makes an attempt to melt Lisbeth some through saddling her with a child, as hoary a trope as there may be in the action-thriller style. But Foy in large part resists the sentimentality foisted upon her; her Lisbeth stays beguilingly blunt and opaque, even supposing she is compelled to play chess with a mop-topped little boy. (The much less stated about that efficiency, the higher.)

Foy will get some a laugh toughen from Lakeith Stanfield as an American agent seeking to monitor down a hacker who stole his nuclear-code program. As is right of most of the people in this film, he’s extra than simply what he to begin with turns out, morphing from N.S.A. table jockey to super-sniper very easily. I additionally love fashion became movie critic became actress (so there’s hope for me!) Synnøve Macody Lund, taking part in a steely Swedish safety officer in the tight-haired mode of Sidse Babbett Knudsen. (She must had been in this film too! Why now not!) There’s some other large function that I received’t inform you about as it’s a spoiler, kind of, however she’s performed through Sylvia Hoeks—so arresting in Blade Runner 2049, making moderately much less of an have an effect on right here. Still, she and Foy do a little charged paintings in combination.

You’ll understand I haven’t but discussed the ostensible celebrity of the different Girl tales, Mikael Blomkvist. Not as a result of he’s now not in Spider’s Web—he’s—however as a result of the personality (performed through Sverrir Gudnason) is the sort of nonentity. He, a humble journalist, doesn’t actually have compatibility into Lisbeth’s new high-stakes global. And but he’s nonetheless in the film, out of deference to a previous that I don’t assume somebody is in fact that invested in. None of the ones previous trappings want be there if the franchise is actually going to go off in its flashy new course. The movie doesn’t decide to this adventure, even though, half-altering Lisbeth and leaving her torn between worlds. I hate to peer our lady so caught.

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