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Tesla autopilot blamed as driver falls asleep at wheel while travelling at 70mph

It’s designed to make riding more straightforward, however Tesla’s autopilot function has been blamed for a close to collision in San Francisco.

A driver was once discovered inebriated and handed out at the wheel of his Tesla while travelling at 70mph.

Thankfully, police controlled to forestall a collision, however consider the automobile could have been in autopilot mode when Alexander Samek fell asleep.

When police first noticed the automobile, they drained the usage of lighting fixtures and sirens to awaken the driver.

Tesla automobiles have an autopilot function to assist drivers – however it is not designed for use by itself
(Image: Tesla)

However, when this didn’t paintings, the officials had been pressured to power in entrance of the automobile and gradual it down.

A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol defined that police ‘located their patrol automobile in entrance of the Tesla and started slowing without delay in entrance of the Tesla in hopes that the “driver assist” function have been activated and subsequently the Tesla would gradual to a forestall as the patrol automobile got here to a forestall.’

The police now plan to analyze whether or not the automobile was once in autopilot mode when the incident came about.

The Highway Patrol stated: “We cannot confirm at this time if the ‘driver assist’ feature was activated but considering the vehicle’s ability to slow to a stop when Samek was asleep, it appears the ‘driver assist’ feature may have been active at the time.”

On Tesla’s web page it highlights that ‘every driver is responsible for remaining alert and active when using Autopilot, and must be prepared to take action at any time.’


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