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Think Tim Jones’s Cosmic R&B Is Weird? Wait Until You Meet His Dummy

Veltri employed a chum to trace down Jones, and located him using a cab in San Francisco. Over the following decade, Veltri and Louviere saved Jones up to date at the album’s burgeoning cult following — YouTube posts from Europe, copies buying and selling on Discogs for almost $2,000 — ahead of Jones after all agreed to an reliable reissue. (DJ Shadow, who were one of the crucial unique recipients of Veltri’s in finding, lent his personal pristine reproduction again to Louviere to grasp the Companion unencumber to vinyl.)

“Thirty years ago they weren’t worth a penny!” Jones mentioned. “So the pirates really did me a favor.”

Jones mentioned that he obtained the nickname Preacherman on account of his common sermonizing, which espoused self-help nostrums he jokingly phrases “Sun Ra Dianetics,” first formulated within the technology of paperback best-sellers like Erich von Däniken’s “ancient astronaut” books and Carlos Castaneda’s “Don Juan” sequence.

“Everybody was throwing philosophies around right and left back then, about where we came from, where we going, how we got here,” Jones mentioned. “I just picked up a lot of the stuff they were saying and incorporated it into my act.” (The Preacherman recordings function a distinct keyboard sound, as Jones continuously up to date his equipment and junked the outdated , however the lyrical content material is just about an identical.)

Every instantly guy wishes a comic book foil, and Jones discovered his in T. J. Hustler. Hoping to pump up his reside display, Jones heard a couple of European puppet maker who had relocated to the Castro District of San Francisco and paid him $200 to carve a head out of wooden. Jones made the remainder of the frame himself, and styled the dummy in a pinstriped purple swimsuit, white silk tie, floppy hat, aviator-frame glasses and cigar.

“You don’t see it anymore, but everybody was like that then, diamonds in the back, sunroof top cars,” Jones mentioned of his side road hustler modify ego.

A video shot at Channel 25 in San Francisco round 1984 demonstrates the duo’s tart repartee. Jones croons away in the back of the OMB3, then badgers his “spiritual being” T. J. into imparting the traditional knowledge that comes from being formed out of “the oldest redwood tree in California.” In reaction, T. J. decries society for dividing other people through pores and skin colour and brushing aside the surroundings.


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