You don’t need to take a tablet each day. There are delivery keep watch over strategies that ultimate weeks, months, and even years with little effort in your phase – and no surgical treatment. They are secure and efficient for many wholesome ladies.

Which one is right for you?

“The very best way of birth control for any girl is the process that she’s going to make use of accurately and constantly,” says Elizabeth Micks, MD, MPH, an appearing assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology on the University of Washington Medical Center.

Find out what’s to be had, what’s concerned, and how smartly each and every one works.


This is a small, T-shaped software that your physician puts within your uterus, or womb, after supplying you with a checkup. It can keep there for three to 10 years, relying on its sort.

Once the IUD is in position, you don’t need to do anything to stop being pregnant. They are 20 occasions more practical than tablets, patches, or rings. Fewer than 1 in 100 ladies get pregnant all through their first yr at the IUD.

Your physician can simply take away it if making a decision you would love to get pregnant otherwise you not need to use it.

Hormonal IUDs are plastic and unlock the hormone progestin. This thickens the mucus to your cervix (decrease phase of your uterus), which helps to keep sperm from coming into. It additionally thins the partitions of your uterus. This helps to keep a fertilized egg from attaching to it, which is a component of being pregnant.

Four manufacturers of hormonal IUD are to be had:  Kyleena, Liletta, Mirena, and Skyla. All depend at the identical drug, known as levonorgestrel. Liletta and Skyla ultimate for three years. Mirena, which has the next dose, lasts for five years. Kyleena releases the bottom dose of hormones for the longest quantity of time, additionally lasting for 5 years. Mirena too can cut back heavy menstrulbleeding as much as 90% after the primary 6 months.

“It’s so efficient in treating ladies with heavy bleeding, painful classes, even ladies with endometriosis [a disorder of the uterus], fibroids [noncancerous tumors], and different issues,” Micks says.


The downside for some ladies is getting via the ones first 6 months. “Hormonal IUDs can lead to a lot of irregular bleeding in the beginning, which for a lot of women is really not acceptable,” Micks says. “Women do not like spotting (light bleeding between periods).”

Copper IUDs are hormone-free. Copper works like a spermicide and prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg. If an egg does change into fertilized, it can save you implantation of an embryo.

Women who need a hormone-free shape of birth control (which means much less doable unwanted side effects) continuously make a choice those units. Hormone-free delivery keep watch over, despite the fact that, does now not have the similar impact in your menstrual cycle.

“It’s not true for all women, but in general, periods may be a bit heavier and crampier with the copper IUD,” Micks says. “It’s now not a technique that we’d make a choice in a girl who’s already having heavy classes.”

Birth Control Implant

Your physician inserts this small, skinny, and versatile plastic rod into your arm. Like a hormonal IUD, the implant releases progestin into your frame. It works for as much as Three years, and your physician can take away it any time sooner than that.

Also like IUDs, implants also are 20 occasions more practical than tablets, patches, or rings.

Some ladies have abnormal bleeding all through the primary 6 to 12 months. For maximum, classes get lighter and occur much less continuously.

“What comes with the implant is that it’s very unpredictable,” Micks says. “Some will stop having periods, but some will have quite a bit more bleeding.”

With her sufferers, Micks says, “in the event that they don’t see themselves short of to get pregnant inside of a yr, then I like to recommend that they do an IUD or an implant,” she says. “They can have it taken out any time, even a day later, a month later, whenever.”

The Shot (Depo-Provera)

This way protects towards being pregnant for three months at a time. It makes use of progestin to do this.

Only 1 in 100 ladies who get the shot each and every 12 weeks will get pregnant. For those that don’t get their shot on time table, 6 out of 100 will get pregnant.


Similar to different progestin strategies, the shot may cause abnormal bleeding all through the primary yr. About part of ladies can have fewer and lighter classes after that. Others could have recognizing or heavier, longer classes.

The shot may cause bone thinning, which stops after the injection wears off. For this reason why, ladies in peril for osteoporosis must use a special shape of delivery keep watch over.

If you wish to have to make use of the shot for greater than 2 years, you must communicate on your physician concerning the dangers and the advantages of proceeding it. Women with breast most cancers and those that take some medicines for Cushing’s syndrome (a illness from being uncovered to prime ranges of the hormone cortisol) additionally must now not get it.

Some ladies would possibly now not need the shot as it calls for going to a health care provider’s administrative center each and every Three months. In some portions of the U.S., ladies can get a prescription for an injection they offer themselves. If giving your self a shot makes you squirm, in finding out if there are handy puts to get it — similar to an area well being heart — sooner than making a decision.

If you wish to have to get pregnant throughout the subsequent yr, you could believe different strategies of delivery keep watch over. It can take 10 months or extra to change into fertile once more after you prevent the shot.

Combination Birth Control

Like maximum delivery keep watch over tablets, the patch and the hoop save you being pregnant with the hormones progestin and estrogen. You use the patch and the hoop for three weeks, then prevent for one. During this “week off,” you get your duration. Some ladies, who need to prevent their classes utterly, don’t take every week off.

Women who take the fourth week off continuously get lighter classes with much less signs.

You will have to exchange your patch or ring on time. Nine out of 100 ladies who don’t use them as directed get pregnant.

Like the tablet, each the patch and the hoop can carry your possibility for blood clots. They’re now not really useful for ladies with possibility components for stroke, blood clots, or center illness, similar to ladies over 35 who smoke.


The patch is a skinny, beige, plastic decal that you simply put on in your pores and skin always for every week. You stick it at the outdoor of your higher arm, your again, your in the back of, or your abdomen. You exchange the patch each and every week for three weeks, then usually take every week off.

Some ladies bitch that the patch falls off or irritates their pores and skin the place it is implemented.

The ring is an alternative choice. Sold below the title Annovera or NuvaRing, it’s small ring that you simply insert to your vagina, very similar to a tampon. You depart it in for three weeks. After that, you’re taking every week off to can help you enjoy a duration, With Annovera, then you definately reinsert the hoop. With NuvaRing, you insert a brand new ring.

It is conceivable for the hoop to fall out sooner than it’s time to switch it. If that occurs, simply rinse it and put it again in. If it’s damaged, you must insert a brand new one.

The patch and the hoop aren’t as efficient as IUDs, implants, or photographs. But some ladies nonetheless make a choice them, Micks says, as a result of they really feel extra in keep watch over of a technique they are able to prevent at any time with no physician discuss with.



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