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What that mysterious bright star next to the moon REALLY is

In the early hours of this morning, many Brits noticed a mysteriously bright star shining next to the moon.

The bright ‘star’ wasn’t in fact a star in any respect, and was once in fact planet Venus.

Over the previous couple of days, Venus has moved place, making it visual to us on Earth.

While the height brightness was once on the night time of Sunday 2 December, it’s nonetheless moderately visual.

Venus orbits the solar each 224.7 days, and when it’s on the a ways aspect of the Sun, we will’t see it from Earth.

However, when Venus will get nearer to Earth, it turns into brighter, reflecting gentle from the solar.

Because Venus is closer to Earth, it now not simplest appears to be like brighter, but additionally larger.

This bright level is often referred to as the ‘greatest Illuminated extent.’

Several other people took to Twitter to percentage their shocking footage of the match.

One of the maximum shocking photographs through Alyn Wallace captured the match from the Brecon Beacons.

He wrote: “A spectacular sight this morning as Venus and the Moon rose together. Here they are shortly after appearing from behind Sugarloaf mountain in the #BreconBeacons.”


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