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Will Theresa May Be ‘Poleaxed’? The Tories Turn to Poison-Pen Letters

“I’m struggling to understand why they think this is a more auspicious time than other times,” mentioned Rory Stewart, a Tory lawmaker and an best friend of Mrs. May, questioning aloud whether or not they would muster 48 letters.

“If these guys announce that they are speaking for the party, and they’re going to take down the prime minister, and they can’t get 15 percent of M.P.s to send in letters, then their legitimacy and authority begins to look a little threadbare,” he mentioned. “They must believe they are close to that number or they wouldn’t have triggered it.”

The means of sending letters took on a undeniable theatricality this previous week, with some individuals tweeting out scanned copies and images. In one, a creamy, card-stock envelope perched forebodingly on a pc keyboard. On Saturday morning, when it gave the impression the unfolding coup had paused for the weekend, round two dozen lawmakers had made their letters public.

But just one guy knew the true quantity. Few figures within the nation have been extra mentioned than Mr. Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee, who’s entrusted with receiving and counting the selection of no-confidence letters. Mr. Brady presented no public touch upon Friday, however at the latest Conservative convention, he mentioned public estimates of the selection of letters in his place of job tended to be a ways off-base.

“The distance between what some of my colleagues say they might have done and what they actually have done can be considerable,” he mentioned, in accordance to The Guardian.

Cheryl Gillan, the committee’s vice chairwoman, mentioned in written solutions to questions that generally individuals of Parliament hand-deliver them to Mr. Brady. When the selection of letters reaches 48, he’s going to first tell Mrs. May after which start preparations for a partywide vote.

Ms. Gillan added that she had no thought the place they have been, or what number of had arrived.

“Only Sir Graham knows the number of letters,” she mentioned, “and he is a man of great integrity.”


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